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£500 Prize - Academic year 2012 - 2013 deadline 1st April 2013

Entry is CLOSED for this Academic year's Mary Langman Prize.  

The winner for 2011-2012 was Magdalena Zasada and you may view her essay here.

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The Pioneer Health Foundation exists to disseminate the ideas of the Peckham Experiment, a unique enquiry into the nature of health that took place between 1935 - 1950.

As part of its activities, the Foundation is offering the "Mary Langman Prize"; an annual award for an essay that furthers the lessons learnt at the Pioneer Health Centre about the social, emotional and environmental contribution health.

Mary Langman was personal assistant to Dr George Scott Williamson who with Dr Innes Pearse founded the Peckham Experiment. She ran Oakley Farm at Bromley Common which produced organic food for the Experiment, and founded and ran "Wholefood", the ground breaking organic shop in Baker Street, London. She worked closely with Lady Eve Balfour of the Soil Association, and was one of its founder members with George Scott Williamson and Innes Pearse. After Scott Williamson''s death, she assisted Innes Pearse in the editing of his papers, put together in the book "Science Synthesis and Sanity".

We believe that the Peckham Experiment, the emergent hypothesis and the findings, bring together a nexus of ideas that are beginning to be seen as central to problems facing society today.

Mary Langman made a generous bequest to the Pioneer Health Foundation and we feel it appropriate to use it in the creation of an intellectual platform and philosophical basis that is rational, ethical and inspired.

The Mary Langman prize will be awarded annually for an essay of not more than 3000 words which shows an understanding of the principles of the Peckham Experiment, which identifies key aspects, and which explains their relevance to today's issues. The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at, or enrolled for Distance Learning at, Universities and Higher Education institutions in the U.K, and offers a £500 prize, as well as the opportunity for the winning essay to be published on the PHF website. The theme of the essay is ''The Relevance of the Peckham Experiment in the 21st Century''

Full details of the competition rules and guidelines are available on this website by clicking on the ''Rules and Guidelines'' tab above.
Further information about the Peckham Experiment is available on the Pioneer Health Foundation website at www.thephf.org

An A4 poster for display in Universities and Higher Education institutions is available for download here.


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