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Books about the Peckham Experiment

Pearse, Innes H & Lucy H Crocker 1943 (1985). The Peckham Experiment: A Study of the Living Structure of Society, Scottish Academic Pr, Edinburgh, 333 pp, now available from Routledge PBD £24.50. See here for information

An on-line version may be browsed here and further information here under the heading "Classics in Social Medicine" (4 articles)

Books available from the Pioneer Health Foundation all at £5 unless otherwise priced. See address below

Barlow, Kenneth 1988. Recognising Health. Kenneth Barlow, London, 142 pp.

Griggs, Barbara & Joel Elkes 1985. Introduction to The Peckham Experiment (1985 edn: re nutrition/mental health), Pioneer Health Foundation, Glasgow, 28 pp. £2

Makin, Rachel 2004. Lessons Learned: Report on the Early Stages of the Healthy Living Centre Programme. Pioneer Health Foundation, Glasgow, 24 pp. £2

Pearse, Innes H 1979. The Quality of Life: The Peckham Approach to Human Ethology. Scottish Academic Pr, Edinburgh, 184 pp.

Pearse, Innes H & G Scott Williamson 1931 (1982). The Case for Action: A Survey of Everyday Life Under Modern Industrial Conditions with Special Reference to Health, 2nd edn. Scottish Academic Pr, Edinburgh, 162 pp. £2

Pearse, Innes H & G Scott Williamson 1938 (1982). Biologists in Search of Material: An Interim Report on the Work of the Pioneer Health Centre Peckham (sequel to ‘The Case for Action’). Faber & Faber, London (rpr. Scottish Academic, Edinburgh; 1985). 107 pp. £2

Pioneer Health Centre 1971. Health of the individual, of the family, of society. 19 pp. A brief, but illuminating, description of the Peckham Experiment, with a discussion of the need for further fieldwork in Human Ethology. £2

Pearse, Innes H & G Scott Williamson 1980. Science, Synthesis and Sanity: An Enquiry Into the Nature of Living, 2nd edn. Scottish Academic Pr Edinburgh, 352 pp.

Scott-Samuel, Alex (ed) 1990. Total Participation, Total Health: Re-inventing the Peckham Health Centre for the 1990s. Scottish Academic Pr, Edinburgh, 46 pp. £2

Stallibrass, Alison 1989. Being Me and Also Us: Lessons from the Peckham Experiment. Scottish Academic Pr, Edinburgh, 275 pp.

Trotter, J Douglas 2003. Wholeness and Holiness: A Study in Human Ethology and the Holy Trinity. Pioneer Health Foundation, Glasgow, 256 pp.


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The Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine holds the archives and papers of the Pioneer Health Centre and G. Scott Williamson and Innes H. Pearse.

Documents and Sources – The Archives of the Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham in the Wellcome Library. Lesley A. Hall. The Society for the Social History of Medicine Vol 14, No 3, pages 525-538.

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